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1) Select and copy entire text from below beginning with PETITION TO DENY PAROLE (or type your own letter).

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State Board of Pardons and Paroles
Office of Victim Services
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE
Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334
Fax #: (404) 654-6377

RE: Ronald Lupez Freeman

Dear Parole Board:

Please deny Ronald Freeman’s parole when he becomes eligible and at all future considerations. Twenty seven years ago, Ronald Freeman murdered 16 year old Chet Planchard at a Burger King where Chet worked part time after school in Marietta Georgia. Chet’s murder continues to impact his family, friends and community. 

Ronald Freeman murdered four innocent people and devastated the lives of countless others in a months long crime spree.  Please give Chet’s family, friends, and my community peace of mind to know that his killer will remain behind bars where he rightfully belongs.

I respectfully request that you deny parole to Ronald Freeman at any and all future parole reviews.