About Ronald Freeman

Ronald Lupez Freeman is currently housed in Calhoun State Prison where he is serving four consecutive life sentences plus 60 years. He will be reviewed for parole again in 2023. Click below link and enter Case Number 308788 for more information.
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On Saturday, March 21, 1992 at around 8:30pm, Ronald Freeman ordered a hamburger and small fries, and when 16 year old Chet Planchard opened the register to make change from the two dollars that Freeman handed him, Freeman shot and killed him and took the money from the register without words or warning.  Freeman’s friend Enrico Williams was waiting in the parking lot to drive him away from the scene.  Williams testified against Freeman and served a 12 year sentence for Armed Robbery as part of a negotiated plea in exchange for his testimony and was released on April 13, 2004.  

Ronald Freeman had already murdered two other people in similar robberies when he killed Chet but had not yet been identified or arrested by police.  He went to the Burger King that night with the full intention of continuing his murderous crime spree.  He was convicted of the murder of 25 year old Rakesh “Ricky” Patel who was shot and killed by Freeman at the RK Foods convenience store on Franklin Road on January 20, 1992 and the murder of 25 year old Terri Waddell who was shot and killed by Freeman in front of her then four year old daughter at a Circle K on Six Flags Drive on January 24, 1992.  Terri’s daughter, Christina, testified that Freeman got an orange drink from the freezer and put it on the counter where her mother worked.  She said, “Mom was ringing it up, and he pulled out a gun and shot her.  She spinned around in circles and fell down.” Witnesses testified at trial that Freeman told them, “I don’t get caught because I don’t leave witnesses.”

Freeman’s crime spree, however, did not end with Ricky, Terri, and Chet’s murders.  He committed an additional Armed Robbery where fortunately no one was injured at a Burger King on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, Georgia on March 29, 1992.  Then on March 31, 1992 Freeman shot three of his acquaintances in a dispute over tires at an apartment on Franklin Road in Marietta, Georgia.  One of his victims from that shooting was in a vegetative state for a number of years and eventually died as a result of the gun shot wound he sustained to the back of the head making him the fourth person killed by Ronald Freeman.  Freeman was arrested soon after he shot his three acquaintances during a shoot-out with Atlanta Police officers at what was then the Boatrock Housing Community in Atlanta.  Freeman was shot in the leg but survived his injuries to face five trials for his three month long crime spree.  He was arrested with the gun used in the murders of Chet, Terri, and Ricky and the shootings of his three acquaintances.