My family and I are asking for your support and action to ensure that the man who murdered my sixteen year old brother Chet Planchard on March 21, 1992 remains in prison. Ronald Lupez “Goodthing” Freeman was convicted of three separate Murders, four separate Armed Robberies, and three additional Aggravated Assault/ shootings and was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences plus 60 years. Freeman was denied parole at his first review in 2015 but will be eligible again in 2023. We need your help to ensure Freeman is denied parole when he becomes eligible and kept in prison, where he belongs. This year marked the the twenty seven year anniversary of Chet’s murder and now is a good time to tell the Parole Board that this loss is felt by his family and by the community still today. Please join me in honoring Chet by writing a letter to the Parole Board. You can write a personalized letter or you can cut and paste from the above link Letter to Parole Board.

For those of you who do not know the details of what occurred, please click on and read the About Ronald Freeman link.

My brother Chet was a sophomore in high school at the time of his murder. He was a football player and a wrestler. He was the kind of student that teachers loved although his grades were not always reflective of his intellect. He was the kind of young man who was considered “cool” by all of the other young people, yet he was never too embarrassed to tell my mother he loved her. In fact, on the day he was murdered, he told her as he left for work, “I love you, Mom.”

Chet would be turning 44 years old this year. I see some of his former friends and classmates on Facebook with pictures of their spouses and children, and I can’t help but think of what Chet would look like now or what he could have accomplished, including having a family of his own. Instead he was gunned down at 16 years of age for less than one hundred dollars. I have seen my parents struggle with it throughout their lives and I know in my heart that my father’s early death at the age of 65 can be attributed to this unthinkable loss.

The then Chair of the Georgia Parole Board told me in 2009 that I must accept that Ronald Freeman will be released at some point in my lifetime. I am here to tell each of you that I DO NOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT. My family hopes that you will join us in contacting the Parole Board to ask them to deny parole to this individual who ended four lives and devastated many more.

Here was my email in 2019. “Good afternoon,
Today marks the 27th anniversary of Ronald Freeman murdering my brother Chet Planchard. I have been thinking about it for over a week. I looked Freeman up online and saw he’s again been moved to a new prison. There is an updated photo of him taken each time he is transferred. It means I have had to watch him age over these years even though my brother Chet cannot age past 16. Chet was just a kid with a hint of the man he’d become when he was killed. I thought the other day about taking a picture and using age progression software somehow to see what he’d look like now.  I guess it’s a weird thing to think about. I wonder if March 21st will hurt for my entire life. Amanda Planchard”

You can send your own letter via mail, fax, or email. You can write your own by clicking on the below link and adding your own text.  To email a prepared form letter, follow these easy instructions.


1) Select and copy entire text from the Letter to Parole Board link above (or type your own letter).
2) Click on the email link below and then paste.
3) Make sure to type your name and address and add your relationship to Chet if you are a family member or friend (e.g. uncle, cousin, friend, friend of family, community member).

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Email any questions to me at letters4chet@gmail.com.

With Thanks,
Amanda Planchard